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Moving to Australia

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Hey Everyone!
So here’s my first post! I’ll update you on what I’ve been up to…

I’ve been living in Adelaide, Australia for about a month now. The few days before I left Toronto I was kinda nervous and I wasn’t sure what to expect once I got here but everything’s been great! Well besides the riiiidiculously long flight!lol Oh, and my luggage was lost in Sydney and I missed my connecting flight to Adelaide lol Everything turned out ok though… the airport gave me $100 and delivered my luggage to my apartment a few days later. Other than that I’m loving it here! I left -6 degrees and arrived in +32 so no complaints about the weather 🙂

I live at Urbanest. It’s an apartment building for students. It’s really nice here… brand new too, they just opened February 1st. There’s a bunch of people from Ryerson University (My home school) here. I didn’t really know them in Toronto (we met a couple times) but we’ve hung out quite a bit here. Another girl Kat lives in my apartment and shes from Ryerson. My other flatmates are Patrick from Northern Territory, Australia… Hollie I thinnnk France and she’s been living in Australia for awhile now. Shane is from Ireland and another guy from Sri Lanka. I’m not sure what his name is we’ve only seen him maybe twice??lol Everyone’s pretty cools and we all get along well.

One of the first things I noticed is that everything is SOOO expensive here! It’s expensive if you bring your own money but if you live here and work and earn their wage then it balances out. A case of water is like 12 buxx and it’s around $30 for a case of Coke! They drive on the left side of the road here so that took a little to get used to. At first it was weird crossing streets because I naturally look left first and walk out but after almost being smoked by a few cars I started to get the hang of it.

I’m studying at UniSA (University of South Australia) and started classes 2 weeks ago. I work out at University of Adelaide’s gym. I tried a few diff places here when I first arrived in Adelaide but they’re super expensive. Next Generation was $175/month and Fitness First was around $125. The school gym is pretty decent and it’s only $180 for 6 months so you can’t beat that.

I’ve met soooo many new friends here. In Adelaide, there are soooo many international students from all over the world. I was at a party the first week I got here and took a second and just thought to myself this is an amazing experience. I was looking around the table and thinking to myself this is the whole world in one backyard lol There were people from India, United States, Holland, Brazil, France, Sri Lanka… everywhere! It was kinda weird that I was the only Canadian lol Weird… but cool at the same time.

K… well you’ve heard a little about what I’ve been doing now it’s time to eat! I’ll tell you some more next time!


Shane from C A N A D A!
Go Leafs Go!!!



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