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My First Month in Adelaide

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Hey Everyone!

…Just got in. It’s a laaaazy Sunday today. I was downstairs with a few peeps watching some of the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament. The elevators are broken so everyone has to use the stairs. I live on the 7th floor so it’s not bad but one of my buddies I was watching basketball with lives on the 19th floor. He’s a lazy bum lol and is prolly just gonna stay downstairs till they get fixed on Monday. Nothing much to do today… the gyms closed on Sundays and it’s been crappy out all day raining on and off.

So the first month was pretty busy and I feel that I’m not having a hard time adjusting to the culture here in Australia. Well, it’s not as big of a difference for “me” (coming from Canada) compared to someone coming from saaay the Mid East. I’ve gotten used to the Ozzy accent and I have found that Australians love my Canadian accent! lol Funny cause I never knew I had one!

Sooooo what else have I done since I’ve been here?? Hmmm… I started doing some volunteer work with Animals Australia.  It’s an animal protection organization which investigates and exposes animal cruelty. I have just been working at the market booth speaking to the public about some of the issues. It’s been great so far, the people I volunteer with are awesome and I thought it’d be a good idea to get involved in the community while I’m here. And it’s something to keep me busy!

I went to Adelaide Zoo and Cleland Wildlife Park a few weeks ago with friends from Urbanest (Where I live). We saw dingos, kangaroos and koalas. The kangaroos were sooooo funny! The baby ones were awesome and some of the older ones look like grumpy old men lol They have really big chest muscles too as you can see in the pics cause they be liftin weights! 😛 The koalas just kept eating! It was really cool cause we could pat them and take photos while they were feasting on eucalyptus leaves. The kangaroos were super friendly… you could just walk up to them and they would eat out of your hand. I was kinda scared/nervous at first when approaching and touching them but after doing it a few times I began to feel comfortable because it was just like petting a dog.

I also went to two outdoor concerts in Adelaide. That’s what I love about living downtown- everything is soooo close within walking distance. I went to Soundwave and Futures Music Festival. Iron Maiden headlined Soundwave and Rob Zombie, Queens of the Stone Age, Slash (From Guns n Roses), Slayer, Less Than Jake, Pennywise, and Millencolin were some of the other big names that played.  Futures had The Chemical Brothers, MGMT, Dizzee Rascal, Sander Van Doorn and yeah… Ke$ha lol Some of my friends saw Kesha at the end of the night walking down the street in front of our building with her bodyguards. They said hi to her but she ignored them cause she’s a big super star right??lol

I also found a job! I work at a big department store in Adelaide. I got pretty lucky actually. I had a stack of maaaaybe 20 resumes? to hand out and this was the first place I handed one. They said it was really good timing… so we sat down and had a 15 minute interview. It was kind of weird lol I haven’t had an interview in soooo long maybe 5 years! I’ve been working at a tool & die shop since then. When I left I felt pretty confident and didn’t even bother handing out anymore and I got a call the next day saying I got the job! Booyah!! I completed my training and I start this week. Training was sooo boring… training for any job always is I guess. Watch videos and blah blah blah lol One thing that I was confused about was the term “Lay-by”?? A manager was speaking to us trainees and I was lost. I quietly asked the girl beside me what the heck a lay-by was and then I realized the manager was talking about a “Lay-a-way!” That’s just an example of different words being used in a different culture which can cause misunderstandings.

I think your pretty caught up now! 🙂 I’m heading back downstairs to watch more of the NCAA March Madness! Hopefully these friggin elevators get fixed soon!

Shane from C A N A D A!
Go Leafs Go!!!


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