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Ozzie Rules Football!

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Hey Everyone,

So I went to my first AFL match yesterday! Port Adelaide Power played West Coast Eagles but lost 116-98.  I didn’t really know the rules (Shoulda checked online before going lol) but luckily there was a sheet of paper that one of my friends picked up from a booth that explained the game.  Once I read that I was able to understand and get into the game! The Port fans were really passionate for their team especially towards the end of the match.  On the bus ride home after the match, someone was talking about the other Adelaide team (Adelaide Crows) and another person yelled from the back of the bus, “If you say the C word (Crows) again your going to have a fist in your face!” I knew there was a rivalry between the 2 clubs but that really put it in perspective.

Last night was pretty crazy around here because India beat Sri Lanka to win the Cricket World Cup.  After the match, there were hundreds of India fans running through the streets celebrating.  It was pretty cool because one of my best friends here is from India and he was super happy telling me how everyone back home in India would be dancing in the streets right now lol He said that even if you were driving down the street fans would stop you and you’d have to get out and dance with them lol

K well time to get crackin on an assignment that’s due tomorrow!

Shane from C A N A D A!
Go Leafs Go!!!   Were still in it! Big win over Ottawa tonight!!


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