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Hey Everyone,

This morning I was an early bird… woke up 8:30 ish and went to the gym.  I rather go in the mornings and get it over with and I feel more energetic throughout the day.  I just got back from class… Consumer Behaviour.  I go back in an hour where I have a tutorial from 3-5.  So now I’m just having a lil snack… some cereal, choc chip cookies and glass of orange juice.

I got my hair cut yesterday so I’m feeling nice fresh n clean 😉 It’s hard finding and trusting a new barbar when I’ve been going to the same woman for over 2 years! The first couple weeks I was here, one of my buddies told me where he goes so I tried it out.  I went to Chinatown and that dude chopped all my hair off!lol It was short as hell!  I’ve gone to this woman twice since and she’s awesome.  Soooo close too! I walk out of my apartment building and it’s literally a 30 second walk lol

Today’s the last day of classes! Booyah!! My flatmate Boycey (Irish dude) and I are flying to Gold Coast on the 14th and were gonna spend 5 nights there then head to Sydney for 5 nights. Should be a solid little trip!

The Leafs got eliminated from playoffs last night! They alllllwaaaays do this… start playing really well towards the end of the season but it’s too late by then.  I have hockey tonight around 8… bought a new stick yesterday… 50 buxx from Rebel Sport in Rundle Mall.  Decent stick, think it was on clearance or something cause that was the only one. All the others ranged from $80-$150.

Last night I went to the Adelaide Town Hall on King William Street to listen to Dr. Gill Hicks.  She is an Adelaide native who has been living in London for several years now & was a victim of the 2005 subway bombing in which 52 people died.  She lost both of her legs below the knee and several of people around me were crying as she told her story.  She has an amazing personality (cracking jokes)lol & now she’s a “highly acclaimed peacemaker.”  In 2009 she won the award for Australian of the Year. The discussion was very inspirational! If you want to take a quick peak at her bio or listen to the podcast of the event click HERE!

K, time to lay down… relax, watch some seinfeld before I head back to class!

Shane from C A N A D A!


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