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Gold Coast!

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Hey Everyone!

I just got back from a 10 day vacation-wait a sec… Am I not already on vacation??! lol School’s been out for Easter break so during that period my buddy Boycey and myself went to Gold Coast for 5 nights then Sydney for 5 nights. It was AWESOME!

I think I enjoyed Gold Coast more. We stayed with 2 dudes (Mike & Tom who were around 21ish) who Boycey contacted on Couchsurfing. Boycey told me about this site which he has used before when traveling.  How “couchsurfing” works you ask… Well, it’s a website that places travelers in touch with people who are willing to host them free of charge. Hosts have reviews from past guests so you know what you’re getting yourself into.  We arrived in Gold Coast April 14th and they were real inviting and pretty much said “This is your home for the next 5 nights, make it your home!” They had a big flat-screen and satellite which was minnnnt! They let us use the computer anytime we wanted also which was pretty solid.  In the morning they left for work and we didn’t see them till late at night. It’s pretty cool how they can just trust 2 complete strangers in their home… I was thinking to myself if I could do that and I really don’t know if I could lol They said they’ve hosted over 100 people and they’ve never had any problems.

We went to Surfers Paradise a few times where I fiiiiinally went surfing!!! It was pretty difficult for the first half hour but after that I had no problems getting up, standing and riding. Surfers reminded me on Niagara Falls (The Canadian side).  We went on a pub crawl that consisted of a free bbq and 5 free drinks (1 at each bar).  The guy originally wanted 60 buxx each but we got him down to $20! The nightlife was awesome and Snoop Dog was in Surfers hosting a beach party while we were there.   So on the pubcrawl night, we were surfing till about 5pm then went to the Beer Garden where the pub crawl/bbq began. We ate, had our free drink then went back to our place to shower & change.  We then went out with Mike & Tom to a birthday party at a Mexican restaurant which was about a 7 minute bus ride. It was fun hanging out with them and their friends. We then made our way to Surfers to catch up with the pubcrawl and…. yeah, it was a fun night!lol

On our last day, we met up with Anna (a girl from Ryerson who stays at Urbanest in Adelaide). She arrived the night before and was couchsurfing also. So we rented a car and climbed a mountain! This was my first time driving on the left had side of the road and in a car with the steering wheel on the right side of the vehicle. First time in the pouring rain wasn’t that fun!! I think I had Boycey and Anna freaked out a few times lol But I got us there alive 😉

We climbed Mount Warning which is 4.5 kms to the top.  This was the first time I’ve climbed a mountain & it was awesome! The view was amazing and got better and better the higher we climbed- until we reached the top and couldn’t see anything because of the fog (guess that’s just another reason to come back right??) We were dead tired 3 hours later when we reached the car and drove into town to grab some food.  There were many restaurants but none were open on a Monday! It took us half an hour walking around to find a place to eat lol We ended up eating in a small cafe and had some yummy lasagna.  The hot shower felt soooooo good when we finally got back to our place. We had a pretty chills night just taking it easy and woke up at 3am to pack and catch our flight to Sydney.

Shane from C A N A D A!

…Check back in a few days to see how Sydney went!


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