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Hey Everyone!

It’s Sunday & it’s abouuuut 10:30am (And yes Canadians say ‘about’ not ‘abooot!’ Everyone here thinks we say aboot lol damn Southpark! lol).  I was up early today… around 9ish, showered, ate & went out for a bit.  I just got back from Rundle Mall to buy some groceries etc. but they weren’t open yet! Everything opens at 11! Usually I’m not up this early on a Sunday it’s the first time that I’m too early lol… usually I’m too late getting to the supermarkets & everything’s closed.

So how does Gold Coast sound??? You like the pics? Friggin awesome right?! Sydney was great too.  Boycey and I caught our flight at 6am we were sooooo tired.  Went to bed around 1am which was after we did laundry, woke up at 3am packed and made our way to the airport.  I didn’t sleep on the plane, I watched a few episodes of Seinfeld on a mini DVD player that my parents got me for Christmas.  Soooo glad I brought that here with me it’s been soooo useful!! Boycey slept for the 2 hours (This guy manages to sleep wherever we are lol plane, train… 10 minute bus ride ..doesn’t matter he’s lights out!) When we got off the plane we were still dead tired (He’s prolly nice n rested by now from his little nappy nap) so we  found a corner by one of the gates and slept on the floor for maybe 3 hours.  When we got up we took the train to Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour).  One of the best things we did was buy a $75 transit pass when we left the airport.  It allowed us to travel everywhere by train, bus, & ferry during our stay. It would have been $30 alone just getting back and forth to the airport so it was well worth it. I would recommend to anyone that travels to Sydney to buy that pass.

So at this point we didn’t know where we were going to stay.  Boycey had been trying to get in touch with people from Sydney on  couchsurfing for 2 weeks now but noone was willing 2 host these two studs.  We spent a few hours around the Sydney Harbour Bridge/Opera House and then we went to eat at a rooftop restaurant.  I forget the name but it’s in one of the pics.  We each had steak, salad and mashed potatoes for $10! Booyah! After that we finally decided to stay at a hostel that was downtown Sydney.  We remembered that Mike (Host from Gold Coast) told us about HOSTELWORLD and how it was cheaper than booking directly from the hostel.  We search the hostels available and found X Base. This place was also in Boycey’s Australia travel book and was rated pretty high.  We booked it through Hostel World for $24/night. I had never stayed in a hostel before and never wanted to ever since I saw the movie Hostel lol. But it was solid! I’d definitely stay there again.  We stayed there for 2 nights then went to Blue Mountains for a night.  When we woke up we ate and then took the ferry over to Manly Beach which was about 30 minutes long and our transit pass covered the fee.  Manyly Beach was really nice… it was small but very scenic & peaceful.

The next day we went to Blue Mountains. The train ride was about 2 hours long and we didn’t have to pay because we had that pass I mentioned earlier. This was a very quiet town and a lot different than being downtown Sydney.  We stayed at small hostel called No14 and it was roughly $30/night.  In the evening we went out for a beer and played some pool.  Boycey finally met some fellow Irishmen lol. He was telling me that they’re all over Sydney but he’s the only Irish dude I’ve met since being here in Australia.  We left the Carrington at 1am when it closed and made some friends across the street where another restaurant/bar had just closed.  We made friends with some locals and ended up hanging out with them for the night.  One of their names was Shane and he was just amazed that there was now 3 of us lol (3 Shanes).  I really think that’s the main reason we ended up hanging out with this group all night lol All his friends were getting ready to leave and he made it a point to bring us along back to the house for an after party.

So the next day Boycey and I went to Echo Point and the mountains. We spent around 4-5 hours there and then took the train back into Sydney.  We were now on our way to the famous Bondi Beach! We stayed at YHA Bondi Beach there for the remaining 2 nights.  This hostel was ok.  X Base was waaay better! So we got there on Good Friday and ofcourse EVERYTHING is closed by the time we arrive in Bondi… so that means no groceries, no booze no nothing! We checked in and went out for a little and the nightlife ended at 10pm! We got ripped!lol

The following day we went to this awesome breakfast place called Neds.  The breakfast was ok but the burrito was minnnt! We then went surfing for the day and then headed back to the hostel.  We picked up a couple of frozen pizzas and kinda cooked them when we got back lol There was no oven so we cooked them in the frying pan …. kinda messy and somehow the toppings evaporated but it still tasted just as good lol.  We ended up hanging out with a group of guys from Melbourne that I met earlier that morning in the computer lobby when I was eating breakfast and having my morning coffee…. gotta get that morning coffee in 😉  So we hung out on the rooftop of YHA for a few hours then we all grabbed taxis to head out.  It was a fun night and it was cool meeting more ozzies and going out with them.  We got back to the hostel and crashed then woke up and our vacation was over! It was time to go to the airport and fly back to Adelaide 😦   It’s weird because once we got off the plane and made our way back to Urbanest… it was the first time that Adelaide actually felt like home. I was happy to get back to my apartment… shower in my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed!

Shane from C A N A D A!


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