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Hey Everyone!

So it’s that time of the semester where all of your assignment due dates are coming!!! Don’t worry mom I’m not behind in my school work 😉 There’s one assignment coming up that’s actually pretty interesting.  It’s in my Global Experience class which is like an intercultural communications class.  It’s in groups of 2-4 and there has to be one cultural insider (Ozzie) and the rest of the group members can be made up of different country or ethnic backgrounds.  So I’m with another Canadian (Ashley) and our Ozzie is Sammy. The idea for the assignment is to connect cultures through ‘The Arts.’  Every group has to attend some sort of arts event whether it be a concert, drama play, an event at the museum or art gallery… anything really as long as it’s arts related.  I found out that SPORTS is not considered to be arts related.lol.   We then have to write a 2000 word paper on the event discussing various topics and theories that we learned throughout our lectures.

Sammy found a fashion show for us to attend.  So yeah I’m game… I’ve never been to a fashion show and it should be quite interesting experiencing something I’ve never done before especially here in Australia where fashion and trends are different that in Canada.

So I have a month and a half left??! It’s crazy thinking about it.  I’ve met soooo many awesome people here… it’s going to be hard to say bye 😦 If your reading this and considering going on exchange- DO IT! You’ll have the best time of your life!

Shane from C A N A D A!


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