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Hey Everyone!

I missed may 2-4 long weekend!!! That sucked… I woulda been up at the trailor. Definitely one of my favourite holidays back home in Toronto 😛  I just got back from the gym and outta the shower.  It’s so weird, I’ve never ever ever ever seen people work out in jeans and dress shoes till I came here??? It’s not a one time thing here… it’s whenever I go to the gym… so weird maybe it’s a cultural things, I can’t wrap my head around it lol.  I worked today in home electronics till 5 then bought some long distance calling cards and got a haircut on the way home from work.  Ate, did a little uni work then went to the gym!  Weird… I never would have called it “uni work” before…. always homework lol. I guess being away for so long you do pick up little things.  One thing that’s gonna be weird when I come home is getting used to my old food, coffee etc.  I’ve been here for 4 months now and have some regulars on my grocery list that consists of some things that I can’t find back home.  I’m starting to reeaaally like the coffee here too… I wonder how Timmy’s is gonna taste when I get back??!

My hockey team won on Sunday 2-1.  It was a pretty tight game… tied 1-1 until the last 5 minutes.  I’m getting more comfortable playing field hockey and fiiiinally starting to get used to playing with that weird stick.  They only have right handed sticks and back home I shoot left.  I’m right handed, but I shoot left…. people on my team just don’t get it lol They think I should be left handed lol It’s kinda like learning how to throw with your wrong arm or swing a baseball bat the opposite way of which you would normally.

I went to the doctors the other day cause I had an ear ache.  It was awesome… I walked in sat down for 1 minute then one of the doctors called me in!…. waiting times is one thing I DON’T miss about back home!  When I was there one of the lady’s at reception recognized me from work cause I helped her find an iPod dock a week or so ago.    We talked for a little then I left and went to uni.  Today when I was walking to work, the building where my bank is, was being evacuated.  There were police blocking off the area… wonder what happened?

I just want this week to ENNNNND! I have 2 assignments due Friday… ones done and submitted and the other one’s about 30% done.  I’ll get it done… it always comes together in the end 😉  The final international student party is on Friday and then its my friend Rhiannon’s birthday on Saturday.  I have hockey at 5pm Sat then come home, shower-eat then head out!  She’s Australian and met her bf here about a year ago.  He’s from Sweden and was here doing an exchange here like me.  She said he’s coming to visit in June so that’s cool I’ll get to meet him.

You better believe I’ve been watching the playoffs! Canucks & Bruins! That’s who I wanna see in the finals!  I watched Vancouver spank San Jose the other day 7-3.  Booyaah! I love NHL Gamecentre soooo sick! I can watch games live… re run games I missed- everything!  K time to eat!

Shane from C A N A D A!



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