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Only a Month Left??!

Hey Everyone!

Well… I only have 27 days left here in Adelaide! Seems so close now… even a week ago it felt like much longer being a month and a bit but now it’s less than a month!  I just watched a replay of the Vancouver Canucks game- shocked how Game 2 ended- only 11 seconds into overtime…  The Cup’s coming back to Canada baby! I had a hockey game yesterday…we tied 3-3.  I scored but the ref called it off!! What a rip! It shoulda been a goal, he screwed us!

Last night, I went to Hotel Tivoli (which is our hockey club’s sponsor)  with Andrew & Josh who are both Australians and 2 of my close friends.  It was my buddy Benny (from hockey) & his bro’s bday.  We were there for lil over an hour then came back to Urbanest.  James (from hockey) came back with us too and we chilled for couple hours before we went back out.  I introduced him to a bunch of my Canadian friends then we went to his work party at PJ O’Briens’s.  Jame’s loves Canada, he lived there before for a few months… he’s been to Banff, Montreal & I thiiink BC.  He’s the one who told me where to get Clamato juice for Caesars lol He told me of a website… USA Foods where you can order various grocery items that you can’t find here in Australia.  Believe me I paid a premium!lol It was almost 40 buxx with shipping from Melbourne for 2 jugs!  That’s insane lol I made Caesars for my friends…. most people think they taste weird but the Indians enjoy spice & love em!lol

Tonight, I’m going to a dinner party at my friend Dak’s house.  He lives in North Adelaide which is about 20 minutes from the city.  I met him through Harry whom is one of my best friends that lives in Urbanest with me.  Daks is Sri Lankan and apparently an awesome cook… So guess I ‘ll find out tonight! I like trying different food that I normally wouldn’t have eaten before.  Having met so many people from various cultures over here has allowed me to try different things that I never would have known I like!

K, I’ll try to take some pics tonight… I know… pictures have been lacking on here lately 😛


Shane from C A N A D A!



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